Sunday, October 17, 2010

Next: Why Take Mission Trips to Foreign Countries???

While driving home tonight, I noticed several local churches announcing their "Mission Trip to Mexico"..."Mission Trip to Papau New Guinea".... Something inside me became enraged!!!Furious at this pompass sign....AARRRGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Like a wee mind fart if you will. Why don't these local "do-good-ers" take a HARD look at their community?? Why aren't they taking a weekend...Yep, give up a Saturday and go around their own backyards?? Cut some grass...wash some windows....cut some trees/shrubs.. Don't get it.

 The 1st Baptist Church  in a local town has posted this very sign. Do me a favor...Go stand facing this church from highway 93...then rotate your ENTIRE body 360 degrees and tell me what you see! This is what I see...a home that use to be loved by its community...glanced upon..maybe even regarded as.."cute"...That was 20 years ago.

 When I drive past this house, I see potential. Yes, someone does live there. The outer appearance of this house says it should be condemned...and yet across the street is this place that believes in "Love Thy Neighbor"....Really?? You do? PROVE IT!

I am actually going to challenge the 168 various places of worship in Pickens County... ** Number of Churches in Pickens County, SC  to take a HARD look at their communities...Drive around...take pictures...make lists of what you can do for your neighbor...Gather up all of your fellow worshipers and DO SOMETHING LOCAL!!
 What makes that church think that they have ZERO missionary work to perform in their own communities?? The money they will waste, on their mission trips to other countries, would be better served LOCAL! Can anyone explain to me why they CHOOSE to ignore something that is RIGHT IN THEIR FACE?? Who was the ass? Doing something as simple as raking leaves...pressure washing a front porch would make some people WANT to improve upon their homes...Maybe all they needed was a helping hand but were too prideful to ask for it!

So, I will say it AGAIN...WHY NOT LOCAL???? I would be curious to know if any local churches would even take me up on this challenge...I doubt it! Why would they NOT take a trip to a country they have never been to...and miss some cool photo-ops!!!?? Maybe buy a t-shirt while they are there...oh, and keep me informed on how this helped in the community you live in...

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