Thursday, October 7, 2010

Excuses!! GET NEW ONES!!

Ok, we all have used excuses in every aspect of our lives. I have...for work...for putting things off, for not wanting to cook. Never have I used a certain excuse for the place I am in this universe.

From the time I was 6 years old, I knew that life was going to be a road of many lefts, rights and u-turns....and some ABRUPT stops along the way. We all know what those stops in life feel like...the brakes lock...our hands go out in front of us....they take hold of the dash...our hearts are in our esophagus...Every time that happens, we all say to our inner-selves.."My heart is going to EXPLODE if that happens again!!" Some of us, when those stops happen, leave the road a u-turn or say…“Fuck it...Let someone else drive…”

For those people who, choose to get off the road, usually take another mode of transportation through life. They are usually the ones who…“grab a coat-tail"...."get on the bandwagon"..."join the crowd". Those people that choose this usually don't have an excuse of their own...they borrow the "Book of Excuses Handed Down for YEARS"!!

They are the type of people who stand behind someone who makes actual sense and say, "Yeah, what he/she said...I agree....that's what I said...Uh huh...RIGHT!!..."


In the comments I received on a previous post, the more I read, "You wouldn't understand because you're NOT black" the more I felt my insides SCREAMING...."Are you fucking serious?? Is that all you have?? STOP!!! "

I have plenty of "colored" friends....I say "colored" because with the way I see the world...all my friends have many different shades of epidermis's...I seriously can not choose a color, even though you do, for my friends to be labeled on the "color wheel of life"!!

I equate that excuse to "You wouldn't understand because my hair is brown". is simply said because you fail to hold others to their own personal responsibility.

Do you think my opinions or personal observations sounded senseless? Just repeat my original question to yourself several times while looking at a picture of planet earth. The question? "Why are you using the same old excuse?"

** You wouldn't understand because you're not BLACK**

Is it a way to avoid personal responsibility? Maybe you'll be able to realize from pondering that image of (EARTH), that we all have the same needs, desires, and wants in life. External influences may shape us differently in terms of preferences, but it's all the same shit. All differences that create the contrast between the races are man made, therefore when we are born into this world we are all the same originally, it's the life's experiences that change things.

Did you HEAR ME?????? I think this is the point where I grab my megaphone and scream the following:


If any of the comments contained any reference to the color of one's skin, then they are guilty of colorism!

NOT once, did I mention ANYTHING about race.... I DID say that one of the comments listed was full of gibberish. Stop continuing the same fucked up cycle of colorism...!! Skin Color Paradox...Get over yourself…seriously. When you put the proverbial divider up (because I am not black) are not separating me from you but rather yourself from me!!

The main point of my previous posts was not to bring up ANYTHING pertaining to color/race...As stated before...I wasn't the one, who twisted this blog, from the topic of Suicide=Coward,Sell-out..Etc. etc.

Oh, and him being a selfish person. Twisting things...hmmm. One of the comments alluded to the fact that one of the readers was trying to figure out who I am...and automatically assuming I knew the individual who posted my blog to a facebook page... Neato! If what you are reading offends you...GOOD! If you don't like it...then don't read Simple.

You may like the color green...I may not. I may like Cool Whip over Ready Whip....SO FUCKING WHAT!!

Until you STOP using the same excuses over and over and over and over and over...How the HELL do expect to change things??

I call your BLUFF....and I burned your "race card"...and "religion card"......Now, without using either of those topics/excuses...Address the questions I have asked.... I will stay away for a few minutes so that you can Google your responses... In the meantime...the pictures on this page is how I see people, who use excuses....makes me LOL.

**Remember -  If you can't use that "certain" excuse nor are you to bring up religion...Let's see what kind of hand you play when those cards have been taken out of the deck....

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